Invaluable Tools for Individuals Considering Law Enforcement Jobs

People who thrive on excitement and challenge will often be interested in law enforcement jobs. The field of law enforcement affords individuals with opportunities to protect and serve their fellow man, their communities, and the world. There are a vast number of career paths available in law enforcement. Some of the more common jobs are:

  • Police officer
  • Security guard
  • Private investigator
  • Criminal investigator
  • Forensic investigator
  • Crime scene investigator
  • Loss prevention officer

Educational requirements for law enforcement jobs vary by specific job description and by jurisdiction. Some employers will hire individuals with only a high school diploma, but more and more employers are requiring candidates to possess at least some formal education beyond high school. Most community colleges offer associate degrees in law enforcement. A number of four-year colleges and universities offer bachelor degree programs.

Working in law enforcement provides individuals with the opportunity to work with people, providing a much needed service. Advancement opportunities in most areas of law enforcement are ample. The outlook for law enforcement jobs continues to be good. Approximately 79% of law enforcement jobs are in local or state police agencies.

Some of this work can be very dangerous. Extensive on the job training is often required. Many agencies require candidates to complete rugged academy training. Federal law enforcement jobs often necessitate travel.
According to a recent report, across the United States the median annual salary for a police officer was $51,000. Detectives and supervisors earned approximately $72,000 per year. Fish and game wardens each earned around $49,000 per year. Moving into supervisory positions can increase salaries to around $100,000 in some areas.

Most law enforcement officers can expect to work an eight to ten hour shift. Overtime is often necessary to accomplish the job. A great benefit is that many law enforcement officers can retire at half of their normal salary after 20 years on the job.

If the excitement and challenge of law enforcement appeals to you, keep in mind that some of the work is not so exciting. In fact, it can be rather mundane at times. A great deal of the law enforcement officer’s time is spent completing paperwork. Officers may be called upon to testify in court proceedings. The duties are varied and no two days are ever the same. If this interests you and you have the desire to help fellow citizens, a career in law enforcement may be ideal for you.

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