Challenging Yet Rewarding Experiences Involved With Engineering Jobs

Some of the most interesting, challenging, and rewarding careers belong to those who hold engineering jobs. When you are seeking employment in the field of engineering, we can offer assistance and advice to help you land just the engineering job that you want.

Engineers can specialize in a number of fields including:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering

Many engineers work to create and develop new products. To do this, they take several factors into consideration. They must precisely specify functional requirements; design and test the components; produce the final design; evaluate the effectiveness of the design relating to functionality, cost, safety, and reliability. This same general process is applied by engineers working in various aspects of engineering whether designing a new toy or improving flight.

Engineers may also work in production, testing, or maintenance. They often supervise production for quality assurance. As supervisors, engineers may be responsible for an entire project.

The majority of engineering jobs are conducted in offices, laboratories, or industrial plants. Engineers who work in oil and gas exploration or on construction jobs often spend at least a part of their day outside. Some engineers travel extensively while others solve problems on site.

Most engineering jobs are held by individuals with a bachelor’s degree in an engineering specialty. However, some engineers hold research positions which require a graduate degree. In every state, engineers must be licensed by their state.

To become an engineer requires an education that involves a concentration of study in one of the engineering specialties along with extensive coursework in mathematics and the sciences. Most engineering programs include class work in general engineering. General education classes are often required for students working towards an engineering degree.

Whatever your field of interest, there is probably an engineering job that you will enjoy. According to a recent survey, the majority of engineering jobs were held by civil engineers, followed closely by mechanical and industrial engineers. The field of agricultural engineering employs the fewest number of engineers.

Experienced petroleum engineers garner the greatest salaries of all engineers, earning in excess of $166,000 per year. They also earn the highest starting salaries, earning over $83,000 as entry-level engineers. Computer hardware engineers with experience can earn nearly $150,000 annually and those entering the field can expect a yearly salary of over $61,000.

The field of engineering is expected to experience continued growth for the next decade. The most rapid growth in engineering will be for biomedical engineers. The largest growth will be for civil engineers. The need for engineers to create, develop, and re-design products is expected to grow by about 11% over the next several years.

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