Highly Projected Growth for Accounting Jobs

Virtually every company in existence has at least one individual charged with the accounting duties of the firm. In many companies, there is an entire department dedicated to performing the accounting functions for the organization. An individual working in an accounting job deals with the financial transactions of a company. There are several different types of accounting jobs within the accounting profession.

Internal auditors review the financial transactions of a company to ascertain that the company is using financial processes that are both efficient and legal. They may also evaluate a company’s operations and compliance with established regulations. Because technology makes information so readily available, the internal auditor may rely heavily on real-time data. This auditor may also review an organization’s computer systems for financial reliability.

Many organizations employ managerial accountants to maintain a record of information about the financial resources of the company. With this information in hand, the company can make well-informed financial decisions. Managerial accountants are often working at the executive level.

One of the most interesting accounting jobs is that of the forensic accountant. These accountants work for private entities or law enforcement agencies to investigate criminal activities related to fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering. They may investigate and report the illegal acquisition or use of money.

Accounting jobs in the government may be in local, state, or federal agencies. These government accountants are charged with making sure that the agency receives the money to which it is entitled and then uses those funds in an appropriate manner.

External auditors commonly analyze financial transactions and provide financial advice to organizations or individuals. These accountant are usually either self-employed or work for an accounting firm.

The typical accountant has at least a four-year degree in accounting. The Certified Public Accountant must pass a rigorous examination. Most states require that CPAs complete 150 semester hours in addition to earning a Bachelor’s degree. A number of larger corporations require that their top-level accountants be certified by their state.

In addition to these careers in accounting, there exist numerous entry level positions. Many of these jobs require an associate’s degree or less. Those interested in pursuing a career in accounting might want to consider one of these positions while working independently to further their education.

With all of this required education and responsibility comes great reward. The average annual salary for all accounting jobs is nearly $62,000. The projected job growth rate for accounting jobs is 20% or higher than all other jobs. Within the next ten years, an estimated 500,000 new accountants will be needed throughout the United States.

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