Amazing Growth Opportunities Surrounding Education Jobs

Education jobs will always be in demand. From working with small children in pre-kindergarten grades to teaching college students, a career in education can be one of the most fulfilling of all careers. Qualified individuals are needed in classrooms, administration, and support positions all across the country.

Instructional positions require at least a bachelor’s level degree with many jobs requiring that employees hold a degree at the master’s level. Education jobs in college classrooms will usually necessitate a doctorate degree. Some support positions can be held by individuals with a high school diploma or an associate’s degree.

Virtually all school districts employee individuals to work in clerical and managerial positions. A number of these positions do not require a background in education. Training or experience in a business related field will often be accepted. Bus drivers, maintenance workers, cafeteria personnel, and others are needed in schools across the country.

Salaries for those holding education jobs vary greatly. As in most other jobs, education and experience often dictate salary ranges. Geographic location is another factor for salary variances. On average, a teacher in a public school across the United States earns between $36,000 and $44,000 per year. College professors fare much better. Professors teaching in community colleges typically earn around $60,000 and those teaching in four-year colleges and universities can earn $100,000 or more per year.

One of the great benefits offered by most education jobs is the great work schedule. Teaching and other school-related jobs allow individuals to enjoy summers free from work. Most schools also offer extended Christmas breaks as well as several days off throughout the year.

Teaching is perhaps the most noble of all professions. Few teachers are in this career for either the money or the attractive work schedule. Educators see the value in working to teach our young people. They work to create unique and interesting learning opportunities for their students. When they are successful, they instill a love of learning in their students.

The job outlook for education jobs remains good. Even in difficult economic times, the need for educators has not diminished. Jobs are also strong in fields relating to textbook writing, editing, and publishing.

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